Drug discovery reimagined

Humans have long aspired to imitate and replicate the things we see in nature – beauty, processes and outcomes perfected over billions of years – adapting and evolving to overcome challenges and improve life. Birds inspired airplanes, the brain produced artificial intelligence, and the stars taught us how to create limitless clean energy.

Within every human cell, nature has engineered finely-tuned control mechanisms to correct imbalances caused by stress and disease, and promote healing. And yet, never before have these mechanisms served as the inspiration for medical discovery. Until now.

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Elegant allostery

HotSpot Therapeutics has designed the first technology platform that systematically uncovers the privileged allosteric sites used by nature to control proteins. HotSpot is industrializing the discovery of medicines that leverage nature’s regulatory hotspots to treat diseases in entirely new ways.

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Unlocking disease biology

To date, HotSpot has identified regulatory hotspots across multiple protein classes and pathways of pharmaceutical interest. Using its proprietary SpotFinder™ platform, HotSpot has delivered the first and only allosteric inhibitors for specific kinases, transcription factors and E3 ligases, offering important new ways to treat autoimmune and rare diseases as well as cancer. In contrast to conventional molecules, HotSpot's inhibitors show exquisite selectivity, differentiated in vivo pharmacology and attractive drug-like properties.

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