identified proteins

Elucidating natural
hotspot targets

Uncovering natural hotspots is a daunting challenge due to the variety of mechanisms that nature has developed to control the cell. Unlike traditional active sites, natural hotspots are often hidden from sight and require a deep understanding of structure-function to unveil.

The Smart Allostery™ platform takes a systems-wide view to uncover protein pockets with previously unknown regulatory relationships.
Transcription factors Kinases E3 ligases Phosphatases Proteases Carboxylase Hydrolase GPCR Ion channel Oxidoreductase Transferases Atypical kinases Others

Approximately 1,500 proteins

have been identified containing natural hotspots that control protein function.

Unique Properties
of Natural Hotspots

Natural hotspots have intrinsic characteristics that have made them hard for industry to drug, explaining why these pockets remain largely unexploited. Natural hotspots are:


Out of the many pockets in a protein, few are decisive in protein function, and many are not visible in crystal structures. Our technology uncovers hidden pockets and identifies the sites that drive protein function.


Natural hotspots are not present in certain protein conformations, reducing the likelihood that chemical screening campaigns will succeed. A specialized pharmacology and in silico toolkit is required to identify compounds that bind these pockets.


Existing chemical libraries built around active sites are poorly aligned with the pharmacological footprint of natural hotspots. To successfully drug natural hotspots, new chemical scaffolds are required, powered by advanced computational science.

Our process

We believe our Smart Allostery™ platform is the first technology platform designed to systematically identify natural hotspots and enable the design of potent, selective, allosteric modulators. We integrate insights from biology, computational sciences, chemistry and biophysics to systematically identify and drug natural hotspots.

Smart Allostery™ integrates three discrete component technologies:
Uncover natural hotspotpockets using AI powered engine
hotspot smart allostery spotfinder
Target hotspots with small molecules using suite of specialized in vitro & in silico assays
hotspot smart allostery spotcapture
Deliver medicines using library containing approximately 800 million custom molecules
hotspot smart allostery spotbinder
couple treat cancer autoimmune diseases

Our Pipeline

Smart Allostery™ is being leveraged across entire target classes to enable pipeline development.

Our Pipeline