Path to the clinic

To date, HotSpot Therapeutics has successfully uncovered and targeted natural hotspots across multiple protein classes, including kinases, transcription factors and E3 ligases. Pathways and targets long abandoned by drug developers and believed to be undruggable are now within our reach. We are poised to bring first- and/or best-in-class medicines to patients with cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Pipeline of Novel Targets

Our platform has allowed us to deliver differentiated small molecule allosteric inhibitors that address some key challenges for targets with deep genetic and/or biologic validation.

Target CBL-B
E3 ligase


Hard to drug


Poor target coverage

Smart Allostery™

First C-CBL selective

Picomolar affinity

Durable target binding (>24hrs)

Target PKC-theta
Kinase C


Poor selectivity

Poor target coverage

Smart Allostery™

Selective vs PKC-delta

Intrinsic degraders

Tissue targeting

Target IRF5
Transcription factor


Undrugged with
small molecules

Smart Allostery™

First and only antagonists

TF selective

Enables other TF class

Focus on Patients and Value Creation

Our wholly owned pipeline is further enabled by a focus on biomarker-driven, patient-targeted approaches in oncology and autoimmune diseases. We are also poised to deliver a continuous stream of new clinical candidates and value-generating data in early clinical development.