At HotSpot, we are committed to building something we believe is truly distinctive, setting ourselves apart from our peers in the industry. Our focus is on working to solve the challenge of undruggable proteins, and we believe that an unwavering commitment to both “what we do” and “how we do it” is essential for success.

HotSpot has gained recognition for its groundbreaking approach to innovation, pushing the boundaries to target previously-unexplored pockets on proteins with small molecule inhibitors. This impressive track record includes developing a range of pioneering achievements, including the potential first-ever selective CBL-B inhibitor and first small molecule inhibitor targeting the key transcription factor IRF5. Moreover, our Smart Allostery™ platform is the cornerstone of our impressive pipeline of differentiated allosteric small molecules, targeting cancer and autoimmune diseases with the potential for transformational impact on both the science of drug development and clinical medicine.

The company’s differentiated approach to work we do, or “how,” truly sets us apart. HotSpot’s values were developed from the ground up, reflecting the authentic commitment of “HotSpotters” to achieving what others may consider impossible. As a result, we have built a culture that values courage and goes deeper into building trust, teamwork, and accountability. We prioritize ‘Keeping it Human’ in all our endeavors and strive to uphold the highest standards of integrity and follow-through.

Drug development takes a village, and as we transition into becoming a clinical-stage company, we’re committed to integrating our values even more deeply into the fabric of our work to drive meaningful impact. Twenty years ago, the very first precision therapy for oncology was approved; ten years ago, the immune therapies that have transformed clinical oncology were still in their infancy. The future for our field is bright, and we understand that the only way to continue making strides in pushing the envelope is by staying true to our values. We are eager to embark on this journey and excited to see where it takes us.